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Infinite Innovation

ADDMAN begins each opportunity by understanding what problems the customer faces and what outcomes they want. ADDMAN delivers outcomes in multiple disciplines across many industries. For some, highly specialized and mission critical applications, we set ourselves apart in our pursuit of excellence.


Thrusters are a critical component of spacecraft propulsion systems, enabling them to maneuver and maintain their trajectories. With the increasing demand for faster and more efficient space travel, aerospace and commercial space industries are exploring new ways to design and manufacture thrusters. One promising approach is 3D printing, which offers several potential benefits, including design flexibility, weight reduction, faster prototyping, and customization.

Thermal Protection Systems

Thermal protection systems are materials and designs used to protect objects from extreme heat during high-speed travel or atmospheric re-entry. With 3D printing, complex geometries and intricate designs can be easily fabricated, allowing for greater efficiency and performance in thermal protection systems.

Aeroshell Structures

Control System Components

Hypersonic Missiles


Propulsion Elements

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